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Holistic Healing for Women Suffering from Breast Implant Illness

Up to 84% of women with implants will experience 3 or more symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Chronic Fatigue
Memory Loss
Hair Loss
Brain Fog
Food Sensitivites
And many more!

Look and see

Does this describe you?

Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms like fatigue, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalances, and more, that are keeping you from engaging with your family, forgoing social gatherings, or being unable to work?

Are you dealing with body image issues, self-esteem challenges and feelings of insecurity related to breast implants or explant surgery that is taking a toll on your self-worth and preventing you from enjoying your body?

Do you think you may have Breast Implant Illness (BII) but are feeling disheartened by the dismissive attitudes from medical professionals regarding your concerns and are tired of being told there's nothing wrong?

Are you feeling isolated and unsupported while facing BII challenges without a network of understanding individuals who have gone through similar experiences?

Are you feeling confused and frustrated at the lack of reliable and comprehensive information about BII and explant surgery and really just want some insight and guidance so you can start feeling better?

Is BII putting a strain on your relationships, friendships and family dynamics?

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Meet Ellie

Hello there, beautiful soul! I’m Ellie Vixie, and at 18, I received breast implants as a graduation gift, unaware of the profound impact they would have on my well-being. After 17 years of battling chronic health struggles like fatigue, hormone imbalances, brain fog, and increased food sensitivities, I discovered I had Breast Implant Illness. I embarked on a holistic healing journey of mind, body and soul that included having my implants removed. I learned to love my body and my breasts, exactly as I am. This transformative experience ignited an unwavering passion to help women heal from breast implant illness with empathy and understanding. I’ve been there. This journey is much more than just a physical transformation; we must address our emotional baggage, our mental programming and our belief structures. Through holistic practices and energetic clearing, we do just that. I am dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your health and embracing self-love. So whether you are preparing for surgery or seeking further healing, together we will break free from negative self-talk and cultural beliefs that deem you “less-than” without cosmetic alterations. Let’s journey hand in hand towards authenticity, silencing the inner-critic, nurturing newfound confidence in your body, and celebrating your innate beautiful goddess. I’m here, arms wide open, to guide you towards healing, self-acceptance, and boundless joy.
With love and empowerment,




My Services

1:1 Sessions

Experience personalized guidance and support in a private 1:1 session. Together, we'll explore holistic healing strategies tailored to your unique situation. We will address and clear the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of what's really going on. Let's embark together on this transformative path to reclaim your well-being.

Goddess Revival: A Holistic Journey to Reclaim Wellness

Embark on the transformative 'Goddess Revival' program, specially crafted for women on a journey of healing from Breast Implant Illness (BII). This holistic path to wellness guides you through energy healing, nurturing nutrition, and customized self-care practices, all aimed at helping you reclaim your well-being and fall in love with your true self. Together, we'll unlock your inner goddess and pave the way to renewed vitality and an authentic, beYOUtiful life.

Group Healing Circle

Introducing transformative Group Healing Circles—a safe space where women facing similar journeys, including those with Breast Implant Illness (BII), come together for collective healing and growth. Guided by a holistic approach, these circles offer an opportunity to share stories, engage in energy healing, and discuss wellness strategies. Connect with a supportive community, find validation, and embark on a journey of renewal and self-discovery. Join us to experience the power of unity, healing, and community.


Words from my Clients

My energy levels have skyrocketed, and I've shed the constant fatigue and negative self-talk. I never realized how much my thoughts were contributing to my pain until I learned to treat myself more kindly. Trusting in my body's healing capacity, I've let go of anger and resentment toward it, and instead, I embrace the path to genuine healing.

- Gabriela V

I won’t let myself get to the point of not functioning again. If I start feeling like I can’t handle this, or something isn’t right, I know that I can work through it with Ellie sooner rather than later. It’s not worth going through the horrible downward spiral. Do it now. You don’t have to suffer.

- Steph K

Ellie's expertise and healing approach have undeniably made an extraordinary impact on my journey to wellness.

- Andrea R

Since working with Ellie, I've gained additional self-confidence, which is a huge relief. She’s helped me embrace my body and feel more centered, reducing the overwhelming sickness in my stomach. It's been a profound shift, and I'm genuinely grateful for it.

- Client

I genuinely believe in the effectiveness of Ellie's method. The healing process is accelerated, and I always feel better after each session. Ellie's approach has been transformative, and I'm a better and different person now than when we started. If it weren't for Ellie, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I am incredibly thankful for the positive impact she's had on my life.

- Kristen H



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